A lesson awesome enough that I blogged about Spanx

Chances are if you’re a woman, or in a relationship with a woman, you know what Spanx are.

But while I know that  they are wildly popular with the fairer sex, from Hollywood actresses to the women in my office, I had never given more than ten seconds worth of thought to them until around ten minutes ago when, filtering my twitter favourites list I got to a posting by ‏@TheSuccessKing saying: (Video) From $5,000 to $1Billion – Advife From The Youngest Female Billionaire.

The misspelling isn’t mine, by the way.

The product doesn’t matter to me, but one of the things that inventor Sara Blakely said really blew me away.

She attributes a large part of Spanx’s success to the packaging, saying that the colouring and the design didn’t just help them to stand out from the dozens of other products in the broad category which Spanx fits into, but made the product “feel like a gift and not a commodity to myself that I had to go buy.”

I love that.

It is of course necessary that the product does the job it promises to do; you can put lipstick on a pig and it will remain a pig. But there’s a broadly applicable lesson in this, I swear it.

If you can make your product, your time, even your conversation feel like a gift and not a commodity, how much more successful could you be?

Entrepreneurs the world over think that what they are doing is brilliant and special and different. But making the customer feel like they’ve bought themselves a gift when they buy your product? Well that’s some billion dollar thinking right there, isn’t it?

It was for Ms. Blakely. Awesome enough to make me write a blog post about Spanx

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