About Me

COLINISM About Me PicThis is me. In a suit. That’s pretty much how I am. I began this blog in 2011 because I felt like I needed to talk my way through some ideas and the intended audience was nobody other than myself. Then I started talking about it to other people and as I found my voice, I got some followers. Now it’s become something of a platform for me to empty my head. I keep it mostly about business, because as the head of Happy Sandpit, my organisational culture and employee engagement consultancy, business is what fascinates me the most. Not the numbers, the people. How teams of oddly assembled people work together, and of course, how they don’t.

Occasionally it is about the business of books because I am also the CEO of a publishing imprint named West St. Floyd Books.

I’m Colin J Browne, I have a gorgeous wife, two gorgeous daughters (they look like their Mom, lucky things), three dogs at the time of writing, an Audi, a pretty dapper grey suit (see above), and I live in Johannesburg. I prefer Apple to Samsung, rock to pop, junk food to salad and hot weather to cold weather.

At the deepest possible level, what drives me is a search for balance, common decency, a sane amount of perspective, the willingness to see both sides of any story in the knowledge that there is probably a third, and moral intelligence.

I am a trained journalist with 20 years under my belt, and then some.┬áThat is all. You’ve read enough. Go and make a sandwich or something.